Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC) is the practice of paying to have ads displayed based on keywords associated with a user or a user transaction. In Pay-Per-Click, you are allowed to bid against your competitors for any given keyword or phrase. Essentially, your competition will be looking to overcome you in ad placement located in the “sponsored results” section of the Google search. In response to this stress of competition, Natural Click SEO Company has developed a simple and easy process in which we utilize to achieve your website top rankings, as well as save you money.


  1. Opening an AdWords Account
  2. Targeting Your Campaign
  3. Writing Effective Ads
  4. Utilizing Keyword Matching Options
  5. Creating Bidding Strategies
  6. Run PPC Reports
  7. Track Conversions
  8. Optimize Your Account


People may find this easy, and it is! Nonetheless, do these same people know how to properly set up campaigns, ads, keywords, as well as run proper analytics for keyword research? Most likely not.

Setting up an AdWords Account takes extensive knowledge and creativity. How? Well, setting up a campaign or campaigns for yourself may be extremely difficult and frustrating if you do not know what you’re doing. For example, if you have a sports store and you have a campaign set up for summer sports such as soccer and baseball, this may all be fine for the time, but scheduling, campaign pausing, and analytics must be constantly reviewed in order to determine what is best.

What does that mean? If many of your store purchases come in during weekends when most working people are off, it may be more beneficial to run your campaigns only on the weekends. As well, when winter time comes, new campaigns also must be created for winter sports! So after all of this, it does not seem so easy…


When setting up campaigns, sometimes it is best to create new campaigns instead of adding new ad groups. Only on a campaign level are you able to set up geographical targeting and language preferences. For example, if you are looking to isolate certain regions with different ad text for maximum SEO effect, you can adjust your campaign to ensure that your ads are being viewed by more relevant users who are searching for them.

Here at Natural Click, we look to create effective campaigns like no other. If you have seasonal, monthly, or even weekly campaigns to be run on certain dates, we will create new campaigns and through our management software, have them put up on time every time! Through analytical reviewing of competition, regions, and the product(s) or service(s) that is/are being sold, we take care of your Pay-Per-Click needs. At the start of every campaign, it is always important to ensure that you know who and where you should be targeting to for maximum ROI (return on investment)!


Writing effective Ad Campaigns can be tricky in the beginning. Having only four lines to write the most effective, relevant, and SEO oriented sentences can be a daunting task. Firstly, the headline must describe the entire ad in a short summary of a sentence. Furthermore, it must be as closely related to the keywords within the ad group as possible. For example, if a keyword appears in the text and is searched, it will appear in bold (thus catching the eye of the viewer/potential client). Secondly, the two lines of description must describe the headline effectively (this is where SEO tactics must be implemented). Being specific as possible is always best here.

At Natural Click, we strive to avoid vague CTA (calls-to-action) or crazy hyped up slogans. Why? Well, in this day and age, for online information or sales, honesty is one of your biggest tools. Thirdly, the display URL must be set… which just about anybody can handle. Nonetheless, it must accurately represent the website or page in which you seek the viewer/potential client to be directed to!


Keyword matching options should be mainly used to improve your PPC efforts by ensuring that your text ads show when you want them to. One of the first things you should know is that there are three different types of keyword matching options. First off is a broad match. This type of matching is actually the default setting for each keyword or phrase when you start up a campaign. By simply adding quotes, you bring yourself to phrase matches, and brackets for exact matches.

Broad matches are good for when you want the search engine to trigger your ad after a spelling mistake has been made or common synonyms have been typed in. Also, no matter what order your keywords are in, broad match will trigger your ad. For example, if your word is “search engine optimization” and somebody types in “optimization engine search”, your ad will still be triggered.

Phrase matches are generally used for when you want your ad to be triggered from a certain phrase. More specifically, you would want to use this for common or general terms that lead to a more specific search term or phrase. For example, phrase matches will pull up “hockey equipment for kids” if your phrase is “hockey equipment”.

Thirdly, we only use exact matches if we’re sure that the phrase will be used on a common basis. Moreover, if there are any small niche markets, exact matches can also come in handy for PPC.

It takes lots of work and consistency to create and manage campaigns. We offer special attention to these campaigns with 24/7 customer support, and you may receive reports for your SEO campaigns at any time.


Aiming for the middle of that dartboard in the search engine ranking world is always a great step towards success. What helps more is creating multiple bidding strategies to increase your exposure on the PPC search engines. Although this tends to cost more money, it is the quickest and most effective way to gain traffic fast.

As equally important, setting your maximum bid on your keywords is also a main factor in determining how highly your ad will place in the sponsored ads search results. Quite simply, the more money you bid, the higher placement you will receive. What about bidding so you… just show up? We’ll be cautious, search engines like Google tend to not even position some websites if they are not bidding high enough. At Natural Click, this is something we monitor on a DAILY basis in order to ensure that every dollar is being effectively spent. Your bidding strategies will lead to your customer’s conversions and online sales so don’t try this at home and leave it to the experienced professionals!


Tracking your paid SEO, or PPC campaigns have never been easier. With our innovative software and with the input of Google Adwords Report Center we will send quarterly reports displaying your placements. From ad groups to keyword levels, we ensure that our customers be shown and explained where and why they are placing the way they are. As pay-per-click is one of the most effective forms of internet marketing and in the SEO field, running reports is crucial.

Natural Click ensures round the clock service as well as on-demand reporting. This way, if you’re itching to know how your website did on a Tuesday, but your report is not scheduled to be sent on a Thursday, our dedicated SEO team can send you reports on both days.


Your website’s conversions are crucial in identifying and evaluating the success of your online marketing and SEO efforts. Through the use of our software and Google’s reporting platforms, we will be able to show you the percent of conversions relative to your website views and impressions! Once our conversion tracking registers any type of conversion, this transaction is called a cost-per-action.

We strive to generate conversions at a cost-per-actions at or below your minimum ROI so your business makes money. Be assured that Natural Click seeks to achieve conversions and results for your website in the SEO world.


Cost-per-click is the amount of money that any advertiser will pay search engines for a single click on its advertisement that will bring one party to its website. CPC is a highly effective way to draw in visitors when needing assurance of steady traffic to your site. Through the utilization of Google AdWords, we are able to create, manage, and monitor a campaign set up towards whatever you may be selling or providing.

For example, if you are in the Mississauga area looking for SEO to boost your selling of ice cream, we will create you Google AdWords campaign tailored to the types of ice cream you sell… so down the road, if somebody types in “chocolate ice cream Mississauga”, your Ice Cream campaign will pop up in the top placements under “Sponsored Ads”.